PT® Brand Pressurized Insecticides

High-Precision Insecticide for Powerful, Profitable Pest Control

The complete line of PT Brand Pressurized Insecticides are a series of high performance aerosol formulations delivered with the industry’s most advanced pressurized technology for precise crack and crevice application. Premixed and ready to use, these innovative formulations and high-precision application systems make pest control easy to deliver—directly into the harborage areas where insects eat, rest and reproduce—with no extra equipment or cleanup. These powerful insecticides are made even more effective and efficient with the unparalleled delivery advantages of the unique System III application toolkit. Controlling pests is your business. Now you can do it more effectively, conveniently and cost-efficiently with PT Brand Pressurized Insecticides.

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Pressurized residual insecticides

There is no better way to maximize the effectiveness of a pesticide than to place it where pests spend the majority of their time—cracks and crevices. Residual pressurized insecticides are easy to use and easy to apply where they work the hardest, with minimal use of product, allowing you to save time and money without sacrificing quality. BASF pressurized residual lineup includes a wide range of products effective on a diverse array of pests in a broad variety of situations.

PT® Fendona® Pressurized Insecticide

PT® Cy-Kick® CS Pressurized Insecticide (repellent)

PT® Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide (non-repellent)

PT® 221L Pressurized Insecticide (repellent)


PT® Alpine® Pressurized Insecticide (non-repellent)


Pressurized contact insecticides

Pressurized contact insecticides maximize control and enhance inspections with excellent flushing action and knockdown. Their non-residual nature makes them great choices for everyday use within sensitive accounts. BASF has assembled one of the most effective and popular pressurized contact insecticide lineups in the professional pest control industry.


PT® PI® Pressurized Contact Insecticide

PT® 565 Plus XLO® Pressurized Contact Insecticide

Pressurized specialty insecticides

Sometimes pest infestations are best controlled using highly specialized product formulations and products built for very specific situations. BASF, a leader in product formulation technology, provides the professional pest management industry a wide variety of specialty tools.

PT® Alpine® Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide

PT® Alpine® Pressurized Fly Bait


PT® Wasp-Freeze® II Wasp & Hornet Insecticide


PT® Pro-Control® Formula 2 Total Release Pressurized Insecticide

PT® Pro-Control® Plus Total Release Pressurized Insecticide

PT® Clear Zone® Metered Pyrethrin Spray


Work even smarter with System III

Look and perform like the professional you are



Superior performance isn’t the only feature these products, and many others in the BASF pressurized insecticide lineup, have in common. They also work more effectively and efficiently with the System III. The System III is designed to make pest management professionals even better at what they do with precise, easy-to-deliver applications of PT Brand products into the harborage areas where pests eat, rest and reproduce.