Termidor® Restoration

Restore protection to their biggest investment

For years, your customers have been protected by their original Termidor treatment, and it may be time to retreat their home. With Termidor Restoration, you can fully restore their termite protection and preserve their biggest investment.

Why restoration is important for your customers

If homeowners have questions about the need for a restoration treatment, talk with them about the constant pressure homes may face from termites, which typically forage in the top 12 inches of soil. This is where soil disruptions most often occur, which is one reason a retreatment may be necessary.

Changes can affect their red zone of protection

Over time, changes can disrupt their original Termidor treatment zone of protection, represented by the red area in the illustrations. Let your customers know that the following activities can affect the soil around the foundation of their home.

A. Adding or moving landscaping

B. Animals digging along foundation

C. Irrigation additions or repairs and utility line additions or repairs

D. Structural additions to the home or foundation repairs

E. Heavy storm runoff with soil erosion

Restore their zone of protection

To put Termidor Restoration to work for you, contact customers whose homes you’ve already treated with Termidor termiticide. Arrange an inspection to see if their home requires a retreatment. This will restore the zone most vulnerable to termites.

Restoring their protection with a flexible service option

Termidor Restoration gives you maximum flexibility to include a new service option in ways that work best with your business. In turn, you can provide customers with the strongest protection from termites and the greatest level of protection to their home.

  • Scheduling: Plan Termidor Restoration treatments in the off-season to optimize your business year-round.
  • Pricing: Adjust this option to fit your business model. For example, you can charge at time of treatment or build it into annual inspection charges.
  • Products: Restore the treated zone with the trusted Termidor product of your choice.

For the most efficient treatments, choose the latest innovations from BASF. Reduce time and labor with Termidor HE High-Efficiency termiticide, which maximizes your time savings and productivity during restoration. Eliminate disruption from trenching and rodding* with the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System.

Enhance your customer connections

Termidor Restoration strengthens the loyalty you’ve already built with existing customers. Over the years, you’ve trusted Termidor termiticide to protect your customers, and they trust you to continue protecting the home they value.


Build Termidor Restoration into your business and enjoy additional revenue that comes with long-term customer retention.

Put Termidor Restoration to work for you

With Termidor Restoration, BASF offers you new potential for growth. Each step of the way, we provide the tools to help you incorporate this service option and enhance your business and your brand.

BASF provides a complete toolkit of support

These tools will help you engage with customers, provide information on Termidor products, and further your own marketing goals. Many of the materials can be customized with your company name and information.

The following are several ways you can use the toolkit to promote your services:

  • The restoration homeowner brochure helps explain termite pressure, soil disturbance and possible retreatment to your customers.
  • The product sheets highlight the Termidor innovations to efficiently restore your customer’s protection.
  • The restoration email can help you engage with customers and utilize your customer list.

Refer to the technical guidance for Termidor Restoration treatments. The recommendation follows retreatment language found on Termidor labels. Please note that complete restoration treatments qualify for a renewed Termidor 10-Year Pledge when registered via the Partners Resource Center.

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