Phantom® Termiticide-Insecticide

Phantom® termiticide-insecticide is a remarkable termite control product, employing the world's most advanced termite pest control technology. It is also the most vital component of your termite treatment plan. 

In some of the most extensive testing a pest control product has ever been subjected to, Phantom® has consistently proven to provide superior termite control under almost any condition. And, Phantom® is proving to be highly impressive at keeping termites from coming back. Long-term field trials by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service showed no signs of reinfestation at over 98% of study sites seven years after treatment by Phantom®.

Phantom® is highly flexible, utilizing effective non-repellent technology. In fact, nearly 500 Experimental Use Permit trials on actual real-world structures have proven Phantom effective against every key subterranean termite species- even in structures where other leading termiticides have failed.

Phantom® is a major advance in termite and general pest control technology, efficacy and cost, and a product no PMP should be without.

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