Advance® Termite Bait Stations

Expect More Efficacy. Expect More Customer Satisfaction.

The industry’s first generation bait systems brought a pioneering concept to the termite control market. They presented a new way to control termite colonies that was more effective and less invasive combined with a business model that significantly raised the value of termite control at the homeowner level. However, it soon became apparent that those first generation bait systems had a variety of challenges. These challenges affected their speed of control, ease of serviceability, customer satisfaction and most importantly created a non-invasive business model for most PMPs.

ATBS is the next generation of bait systems

Now there are no more excuses. While previous bait systems had challenges that resulted in slow or poor performance, PMPs across the country are experiencing hits as quickly as 15-45 days and fast colony elimination with the Advance Termite Bait System. So you can now combine the efficacy of newer non-repellant liquids with the customer satisfaction and selling advantages of a bait system. It’s truly the best of both worlds.


Termite Bait Station (TBS)

  • Ultra low disturbance design means less termite abandonment of the station
  • Dual-stage interior design provides two unique food sources

Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC)

  • Used during monitoring phase
  • Contains 93 grams Puri-Cell monitoring matrix without active ingredient
  • Quick transfer from wooden termite monitoring base (TMB)
  • Promotes "harder hits"

Termite Monitoring Base (TMB)

  • Preferred wood species with horizontal grooves allow easy termite access
  • Designed for maximum wood to soil contact
  • Constructed with 63 grams of wood
  • Used as the aggregation point, where termites enter the station

Advance Concrete Bait Station (CBS)

  • For use where soil is inaccessible
  • Contains TIC and TMB
  • Cap sold separately

Quik-Lock™ Cap

  • Makes opening and closing the station quick and easy
  • Low-profile design for easy servicing

The Spider® Station Access Tool

  • Designed to open and close bait station, making a technician's job easier and more productive.
  • Station cover remains on tool during inspection for safety, speed and efficiency

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