Winter is at your doorstep.
Pest shouldn't be.

BASF helps you win winter by keeping out uninvited guests with the right pest control solutions in and around your home.

1. Rodent (mice/rats)
(garage doors, attics, vents)

Whether it's a roof rat, a Norway rat or a house mouse, rodents are looking for a warm place to nest. Place Selontra® Rodent Bait inside tamper-resistant bait stations around the exterior perimeter of the structure. Pay attention to garage door openings, vents and attic access points.

2. Spiders (windows, doorways, eaves, shrubs)

Use Termidor® SC around the outside of doors and windows to stop spiders sneaking in. For added, long-lasting protection, apply Fendona® CS to entry points, under eaves, around shrubs and other hiding places.

3. Ladybugs (doorways, vents, crawlspaces)

When the weather gets cold, ladybugs seek a cozy, safe place to hibernate. Applying PT® Fendona® in cracks and crevices and Alpine® WSG around the perimeter of your house will put a stop to ladybugs moving in.

4. Stinkbugs (windows, doorways, shrubs)

Whether through a crack or crevice, a vent or crawlspace, stinkbugs are always looking for an escape from the cold. Apply Fendona® CS and PT® Fendona® in vulnerable areas to keep stinkbugs at bay.

5. Ants (cracks and crevices, exterior or interior wall voids, utility line penetrations)

When an ant colony moves into a home, they can be a nuisance. Use Termidor® SC and/or Alpine® WSG to keep those ants from marching in.

6. Lawn (Ants)

Kick cockroaches to the curb by applying Fendona® CS around the perimeter and PT® Fendona® to cracks, crevices and other entry points.

Always read and follow label directions. Alpine, Fendona, PT, Selontra and Termidor are registered trademarks of BASF. © 2021 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

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