BASF Perimeter Pro Program

Follow the BASF playbook of industry-leading solutions and expert advice for a winning game plan.

BASF puts you in a league of your own with the Perimeter Pro Program, now in its second year (noteif you signed up last year, no need to do so again  – you are on our list).

Participants in the program receive calendar invitations to webinars with our technical experts, who will focus on pests that provide the most challenges to PMPs and the BASF products that can help defend the perimeter against them.

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Sign up so you don’t miss out! With Perimeter Pro helping up your game, the competition doesn’t stand a chance. You can expect to come away from each session with recommendations for best practices and tips that can help ensure you achieve customer satisfaction while meeting your own goals of operational efficiency.

Program Overview

With Perimeter Pro in your arsenal, you are already winning the game. The program's webinars focus on seasonal challenges and the BASF solutions that give you the edge. Each hour-long presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with our BASF technical experts.

Schedule and Topics

All webinar times are scheduled for Eastern Time Zone and last up to 90 minutes (one hour for the presentation followed by Q&A)

Perimeter Pro: Spotted lanternfly

Facts about the Spotted Lanternfly and other Occasional Pests

This edition of Perimeter Pro webinar offers an in-depth look at springtails, spiders and the spotted lanternfly, including general occasional pests, featuring BASF's Dr. Jason Meyers, Ph.D.

Turning the Tables on Termites

BASF Technical Market Manager, Dr. Freder Medina, B.C.E., focuses on termite behavior and construction practices, and different formulation types for subterranean termite control.

Turning The Tables on Termites


2022 Perimeter Pro Webinars (Click to Expand)

Got Ants? Take Control and Avoid Callbacks - Watch Replay

Webinar date: April 7, 2022
In this session, Dr. Freder Medina provides an in-depth look at ant biology and behavior that help explain the variables that affect ant control. You'll also learn about the "rings of protection," and how one of the best tools is information - asking your customer the right questions. Finally, Dr. Freder discusses the control protocols that help ensure successful ant treatments and satisfied customers.

Conquering Occasional Invaders - Watch Replay

Webinar date: July 18, 2022

From lady beetles to cluster flies, occasional invaders are a nuisance any time of the year. In this session, Dr. Jason Meyers shares the perimeter protocols and BASF solutions that can successfully control these irregular pests. And gain insights about the spotted lanternfly, a newcomer that many PMPs in the U.S. need to know more about.

Indoor Pests - Watch Replay

Webinar date: October 19, 2022
As cooler weather sets in, pests like to seek shelter indoors. In this webinar, learn how to stop these unwanted visitors from making their way to cozy indoor spaces. BASF Technical Service Representative, Sylvia Kenmuir, will cover pests that should be on your watch list, IPM tips and best practices, and solutions that keep pests outside -- so you can provide your customers peace of mind inside.

2021 Perimeter Pro Webinars (Click to Expand)

March 3, 2021: The Perimeter Pro Playbook - Watch Replay

Learn game-winning strategies to take your perimeter treatments to the next level. From IPM strategies to tips, tricks, & techniques, don’t miss this kickoff to the Perimeter Pro training series. During our first webinar, Dr. Tim Husen, BASF Technical Services Representative provides a lively kickoff to the Perimeter Pro training series.

June 2, 2021: Ants and Mosquitoes MVP - Watch Replay

Ants and mosquitoes may top the list for being the peskiest of backyard nuisances. Successful treatments for both require PMPs to deploy the right game plans – so callbacks don’t send you into overtime. In this second webinar in the Perimeter Pro series, Dr. Jason Meyers offers guidance for reducing callbacks that can save time and money, and help ensure your customers are satisfied with the results.

September 1, 2021:  Subdue Stinging Insects, Scorpions & Spiders - Watch Replay

Don’t get stung by these tricky opponents. Tune in to this training for expert coaching to hone your skills protecting customers from stinging insects, scorpions and spiders.

December 1, 2021: Dominate Fleas & Ticks  Watch Replay

Learn proven treatment strategies to make fleas and ticks bite the dust, and give your customers the home field advantage.

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