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The only comprehensive ant control solution featuring Termidor, America's #1 general pest control product.

BASF smart solutions for ants was created to give you everything you need to confidently control ant problems, minimize callbacks, and establish longstanding customer relationships. It employs an advanced "three-layered" treatment approach to successfully control ants the first time you're called:

Exterior: On-Structure

Termidor® SC termiticide/insecticide has long been regarded as a revolutionary ant control product, with its genuine Transfer Effect™ technology, and is perhaps the industry's best spider control product. The good news is that new label directions have been approved by the EPA that enable you to use Termidor SC termiticide/insecticide up to four times per year. A new low rate for general pest control has been established, and a combination of application rates can be made to increase the number of yearly applications.

Termidor SC is also a very versatile product. Beyond the one foot up and one foot out, it can be applied in 18 inch wide bands around windows, doors, vents, pipes or other exterior openings. With the option for more frequent applications, it becomes a real go-to product for quarterly general pest services.

For products that may not have these new directions printed on the container, a supplemental label is available for download at

Exterior: Off Structure

Treating away from the structure reduces the pressure around the structure itself to aid control and help prevent newly invading colonies from setting up close to the house.

  • Alpine® WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide
    Alpine WSG insecticide
    can be applied to foraging trails, nests or mounds where ants are present. It can be applied to lawns, yards, landscaping, structures and impervious surfaces.
  • Advance® Ant Baits
    Advance Ant Baits
    can be also applied to key areas where ants are likely to forage.


The industry's most comprehensive array of targeted, nonrepellent products inside complements Termidor without the risk of "budding" or "lock-in" that can occur with repellents.

  • Alpine WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide
    Alpine WSG
    insecticide can be used for spot, or crack and crevice applications where ants may be foraging, such as doors, windows, under sinks and around pipes and other areas.
  • Termidor® Foam
    Termidor Foam
    can also be used in voids where ants enter, hide or harbor.

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