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For Nursing Home Administrators: Proper Use of Pesticides

Every day you are faced with the responsibility of providing the highest level of care to all of your residents. In turn, your residents and their loved ones place a great amount of trust in you to make the very best decisions on their behalf. It’s no different when you choose a Pest Management Professional to tackle a pest problem in your facility. You trust that you will receive the most effective and responsible service possible. Pest Management Professionals know that the best way to ensure that level of service is to strictly follow the label on the products they use.

BASF, the manufacturer of Termidor® products, is committed to promoting responsible pesticide use. You can do your part to ensure the pesticides used in and around your nursing home facility are applied properly, by insisting that the Pest Management Professional strictly follows the pesticide label when applying products.

Take advantage of the resources on this site to make sure that you are fully informed about the proper use of Termidor.

If you have any questions about the proper use of Termidor products, you may call 877-837-6436 or 800-777-8750 or email your questions to