Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System

The termite treatment that’s revolutionizing the industry will do the same for your business. The Termidor HP injection system eliminates trenching and rodding1, optimizing efficiency by minimizing labor. With its onboard computer, this advanced technology creates an exact finished dilution. The result is an accurate, continuous zone of treatment with Termidor termiticide, a proven performer for more than 16 years. In three months or less, Termidor termiticide delivers 100% termite control. When it comes to applying the most trusted termite protection, this new technology is rewriting all the rules.

In this competitive field, the Termidor HP injection system will give your company a dramatic point of difference.

  • Groundbreaking technology: Hydraulic trenching replaces manual trenching, so no digging is needed, enabling treatment in 75% less time than conventional applications.
  • Precise application: The digital computer provides accurate injections within a tenth of an ounce.
  • Homeowner advantages: No trenching1 and precise applications provide accurate treatment with minimal disruptions.

What are industry professionals saying about the Termidor HP Injection System?

What are industry professionals saying

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Termidor HP Injection System

Improve efficiency with Termidor HP technology

Total time to treat

  • Treatments with the Termidor HP injection system save nearly 75% of the time needed for conventional treatments2.
  • No digging is required, since hydraulic trenching replaces manual trenching.
  • No time is wasted creating a tank dilution.
  • Complete the job curb to curb in less than 1 hour.

1 In most applications
2 Time and Motion Study, Arizona, 2014. Results based on a 200 linear foot home (160 LF trench & treat, 40 LF drill & treat)

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