Termidor® H•E High Efficiency Termiticide

The most effective termiticide is now the most efficient

For more than a decade, Termidor® SC termiticide/insecticide and Termidor® 80 WG termiticide/insecticide have set the standard for termite control efficacy. Now, Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide redefines termiticide application precision, volume, labor and time. New molecular technology, Termidor® HE Technology, creates an Enhanced Protection Zone using less water, smaller trenches, wider drill hole and rod spacing, and shallower treatment depths.

For pest management professionals, this means increased profitability through improved productivity, more efficient use of equipment and resources, and better business flexibility.

General Information

Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide provides pest management professionals with many advantages, including significant savings in resources and labor:

Less Water:  2 Gallons Per 10 Linear Feet Per Foot of Depth*

In the case of a 200 linear foot home, as few as 40 gallons (300+ pounds) of finished dilution are needed with Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide, versus as many as 80 gallons (650+ pounds) with industry standard treatments**.

Smaller Trenches: 2-inches Deep by 4-inches Wide*

In the case of a 200 linear foot home, the amount of soil that needs to be removed and replaced with Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide is approximately one ton less than with industry standard treatments**.
(Calculations based on average weight of soil at 78 pounds per cubic foot.)

Wider Spacing for Drilling and Rodding: 18-inches*

For every 10 linear feet, 3.3 fewer drill holes are required with Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide versus industry standard treatments**. For a 200 linear foot home, this means as many as 66 fewer drill holes, or 33 percent fewer drill holes, are required.

Shallower Minimum Treatment Depth: 2-Feet*
For footings more than 2 feet below grade, trench/rod into the trench or trench alone along foundation to minimum depth of 2 feet. As with other Termidor® products, depth of treatment will vary depending on various factors (refer to label).

*For most labeled applications. May vary based on state minimum standards.
**“Industry standard treatments” refers to
Termidor®SC termiticide/insecticide or Termidor 80®WG termiticides/insecticide.

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