Termidor® Foam Termiticide/Insecticide

The power of Termidor in a convenient ready-to-use foam and is labeled for subterranean termites and ants.

Termidor Foam Termiticide/Insecticide is ideal for PMPs that want the flexibility to treat voids where ants and termites hide. Termidor Foam is ready-to-use with a stronger formulation that stays up to 6 times longer and contains Termidor, America’s #1 termiticide.

General Information

  • The same great efficacy you have come to expect from Termidor products
  • Works great on ants and termites
  • Ready-to-use formulation
  • 30:1 expansion ratio; 5 gallons per can
  • Dry foam that distributes the active ingredient throughout wall voids
  • Convenient hose applicator to make it easy to apply in tight spaces

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