System III®

The System III is a professional application tool designed exclusively for BASF Aerosols. The System III flexible hose allows for easy application of BASF aerosol and also maximizes the applications per can.

General Information

  • System III - for the best performance, highest integrity and professional appearance
  • System III is designed exclusively for Whitmire Micro-Gen pressurized products which are labeled "For use with the System III"
  • System III compatible products include MotherEarth ProCitra-DL, PT P.I., PT 565 Plus XLO, PT Cy-Kick, PT 221L, PT Orthene, MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Insecticide, Alpine Pressurized Insecticide, Phantom Pressurized, MotherEarth Exempt Contact Insecticide

Treatment Technique: Crack and Crevice - Fogging Applications
Sizes Available: as shown
Packed: System III Complete includes gun, hose, can clamp, belt and pouch

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