PT® Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide

The latest high-performing formulation of Phantom is here

PT Phantom II delivers Chlorfenapyr, the active ingredient in a crystalline structure for efficient pest uptake, now with a drastically reduced odor.

General Information

PT Phantom II is formulated so that it’s undetectable to pests. It does not repel roaches or bed bugs, so there is no displacement or avoidance of treated areas. Additionally, it doesn’t disrupt cockroach feeding behavior and works well alongside cockroach baiting as an integrated approach.

Even in tough food facility accounts, including areas exposed to extreme heat, greasy buildups and areas with moisture, PT Phantom II remains effective. The crystalline structure holds up strongly in challenging conditions.

Chlorfenapyr, the active ingredient found in PT Phantom II, is a pro-insecticide—after entering the pest, it’s metabolized into an active insecticide that is even more toxic to the pest than in its parent form. In essence, it becomes more potent after absorption, reducing the chance that resistance might develop.

The latest formulation of PT Phantom II works perfectly with baiting programs, providing PMPs a real advantage, even in tough areas where food is handled, served or stored.

Phantom: when failure is not an option.

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