Prescription Treatment® brand
FastOut® CS Foam

FastOut CS Foam is the only microencapsulated, ready-to-use foam with non-repellent activity that provides PMPs with an immediate customer solution against a broad array of termite and general insect infestations.
  • Microencapsulated Formulation Delivers Fast, Non-Repellent Results: FastOut contains microencapsulated cyfluthrin with SmartCapTM Technology which exhibits non-repellent activity with a fast-acting formulation to solve problems quickly.
  • Broad, Flexible Label Includes Termites Plus 34 Insects: FastOut is the only foam spot treatment your technicians will ever need to cover 34 pests, including the ability to utilize in commercial food handling areas.
  • Easy FoamDelivery Makes Treatment Quick and Hassle-Free: FastOut comes with an effective, dry foam solution in a 20 oz. can from the leader in aerosol technology. FastOut offers quick, hassle-free delivery of SmartCap microcaps
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