Fendona™ CS Controlled Release Insecticide

Ready to pounce when the time is right

Protected inside its unique micro-mesh encapsulation, the active ingredient in new Fendona™ CS controlled release insecticide stays on alert, poised to leap on any labeled insect that dares cross its path. This new, highly active pyrethroid formulation works fast out of the gate and continues to kill quickly for months, providing effective, flexible pest control. Optimized for broad coverage and durability, Fendona CS insecticide is the sustainable new solution that is ready to launch today.

Fendona CS insecticide introduces the U.S. market to a new encapsulation and active ingredient, alpha-cypermethrin, to provide powerfully effective perimeter pest control.

  • Fast-acting and long-lasting: Innovative new formulation with unique encapsulation technology kills insects fast and is highly effective for months on most labeled insects
  • Sustainable and efficient: Decreases labor costs with the option to extend application intervals for mosquitoes, and by helping to reduce callbacks for perimeter pests
  • Flexible and effective: Labeled for 87 arthropod pests and a broad range of surfaces and use sites, including lawn and ornamental uses

General Information

Innovative new encapsulation for faster knockdown and longer residual

New Fendona CS controlled release insecticide features advanced micro-mesh encapsulation technology that preserves the active ingredient in a protective cage, ready to work on contact, even at 90 days. By purifying the two most active components of cypermethrin, this innovative formulation enhances potency for faster knockdown and improved residual.

Simulated rain fastness on treated foliage

Source: Entomological Consultants, LLC 2016

Fendona CS insecticide offers better rain fastness than Suspend PolyZone for greater longevity against mosquitos, requiring less treatments and lowering costs.

Speed to kill spiders on 90-day aged residues

Source: Cardoza Research Consulting

Fendona CS insecticide delivers faster spider knockdown on day 90 than Suspend PolyZone, reducing the chances of spider sightings and costly callbacks.

Small but mighty

The unique micro-mesh encapsulation preserves the highly active a.i. long into the treatment period. Once attached to the insect’s exoskeleton, the a.i. easily passes through the micro-mesh by diffusion, penetrating the insect’s body.

Contains the two most active isomers of the eight in cypermethrin.

Improved formulation of Fendona CS insecticide shrinks its encapsulation, resulting in more caps and broader coverage than Demand CS.

A little goes a long, long way

This innovative formulation significantly increases the number of caps for broader coverages and longer residual. That protects your customers and your bottom line.

No pest is safe

Fendona CS insecticide is labeled for over 87 arthropod pests, and adheres to a broad range of surfaces. This flexibility makes Fendona CS insecticide effective for treating a wide variety of structural, lawn, turf and ornamental pests.

Dare any pest to cross your path

For effective, flexible, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable pest control, use new Fendona CS insecticide. To learn more contact your local BASF sales representative.

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