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Phantom 8 Year Pledge / Structure Registration

Phantom offers you a pledge of effectiveness; lasting 8 full years from the date you complete each Phantom job.

The Phantom 8-Year Pledge states that in the unlikely event that the Phantom-treated structure requires a re-treatment, Phantom will pay for the re-treatment chemicals, as well as the labor costs involved. No excuses, no hassles. This pledge is so comprehensive that it effectively makes callbacks and retreat problems a thing of the past.

The 8-Year Pledge is available only to BASF Partners, as it is not offered from BASF to Homeowners.

How to qualify for the Phantom 8-Year Pledge
  • The Phantom 8-Year Pledge is valid for structures that received a full conventional treatment** with Phantom. The Phantom 8-Year Pledge does not apply to spot or partial applications of Phantom.
  • The structure or building must be treated with Phantom at labeled rates, and following all label directions and instructions.
  • Structure must be registered within 60 days of application using the structure registration process.
  • Conduct an annual inspection prior to the anniversary of the original treatment. There will be 7 annual inspections in all. (Inspection can be completed no more than 60 days prior to anniversary date and up to 90 days after the anniversary date.)
  • Before applying Phantom, make a thorough inspection of the entire structure to be treated. You must also prepare a sketch map of the structure, indicating evidence of termites and the extent and condition of any existing termite damage. Include on the sketch map: 1. date of application, 2. rate and amount used, 3. the rate and amount of any other active ingredients used.
  • You are responsible for keeping all maps and application records on file for the entire period of the Phantom 8-Year Pledge. You may use your own existing job ticket for the map. Phantom reserves the right to inspect the job tickets and sketch sheet during any claim process.
  • When conducting an interior inspection, you MUST record where the termite infestation was found.
  • The Phantom 8-Year Pledge doesn't apply to structures that have been modified added to or altered in any way that would cause a treatment zone disruption after the original application.
  • In order for a structure to be eligible for the Phantom 8-Year Pledge, Phantom will require that foam board/soil contact be broken and a 6-inch gap established prior to any application of Phantom. Any and all existing state or local regulations must also be adhered to in regards to any foam board/soil contact areas.
  • The Phantom 8-Year Pledge does not cover any structural damage.
When registering a Phantom treatment

The emphasis is on the following:

  • A thorough inspection must be conducted before any treatment to determine termite activity.
  • In addition to a visual inspection, a second detection method is required, such as: a Moisture Meter, AED (Acoustic Emission Detector), Borescope, Microwave Detector, Infrared Camera, Termite Dog, etc...
  • Must access and thoroughly inspect bath traps.
  • A complete conventional treatment must be done on the structure.
  • Treatment of all interior areas that have termite activity, based on a thorough inspection.
  • Treatment of all piers and pipes in the accessible crawl space, regardless of termite activity.
Prior to re-treatment
  • BASF Partners should call his or her local Phantom sales representative or Phantom business support/field development representative and inform him or her of the need to re-treat and assistance. BASF reserves the right to visit the structure and review application, prior to re-treatment.
All about settlement claims

Any settlement claims paid to you as a BASF Partner will cover your total cost for the Phantom used in the re-treatment, plus the cost of labor involved, within these limits:

  • Settlement payments will not exceed 50% of the original cost of treatment.\
  • In no event shall settlement payments made by Phantom exceed $1,000 per single family home, or $5,000 for any commercial structure.
  • All claims must be filed using the Phantom Online Claim System.
  • All claims will be paid by BASF. In addition, these general rules apply to all claims under the 8-Year Pledge. Any questions regarding this program can be directed to your local Phantom sales representative, or call 1-877-837-6436.
  • Phantom settlement claims will only be processed if retreatment is made after 120 days of original treatment date.
  • Re-treatment must be made within 8 years of original date of application.
  • Phantom must be used for all re-treatments.
  • Phantom reserves the right to verify application records and ensure that labeled rates, directions and instructions were followed. Phantom will achieve this in any way that it deems appropriate.
  • In the event that the registered BASF Partner is sold or merges with another pest control operation, Phantom reserves the right to determine transferability of the Phantom 8-Year Pledge.
PMP must follow label directions at all times

Phantom may terminate the PMP's eligibility in the 8-Year Pledge program immediately in the event the PMP does not apply product in accordance with all label directions, or meet the terms and conditions of the 8-Year Pledge. Loss of eligibility/participation in the 8-Year Pledge can also be terminated for blatant and continuous violations of the 8-Year Pledge. Loss of eligibility/participation in the 8-Year Pledge would also void the Pledge on all structures registered by Partner.

BASF reserves the right to alter, modify, or terminate the Phantom 8-Year Pledge program at its discretion at any time.

** A full conventional treatment is described in the Phantom label. All label directions must be followed. A total treatment zone can be described as a complete, continuous zone around the outside perimeter of the structure, conducted by trenching and rodding into the trench. Applications inside the structure by drilling are also required by law under given sections in the label (sub-slab injections etc.). This procedure is also described in detail under the directions for use section of the Phantom Training Program. Please be aware that each state may have their own regulations pertaining to termite treatments and should be consulted.

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