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The Most Effective is Now the Most Efficient

February 01, 2012

PMPs across the U.S. recently shared with us what they’d do with the flexibility gained by a termiticide technology that could save them 30 percent of the time and labor it took to perform a liquid termite job. In their words:

New Termidor® H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide Copack with Termidor HE Technology from BASF Pest Control Solutions enables that flexibility now. The formulation and application standard of Termidor HE Copack requires 50 percent less water and 33 percent less labor*. All while delivering the unmatched protection of Termidor.

Sign up now for the Launch Day Webcast on Tuesday, April 3 at 11:30 AM EST. Reserve your spot to be among the first to learn how Termidor HE Copack can build your business.

*For Most Label Applications
The Termidor HE Copack label may not be approved in all states.

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