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Absolute Ant Control Solution

For your PMPs’ customers, ants are the number-one nuisance pest, and the top reason homeowners request their services. For complete protection, both inside and outside the home, your PMPs can trust the proven combination of Termidor® SC termiticide/insecticide for exterior application and Alpine® WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide for interior use.

With Genuine Transfer Effect technology that eliminates the entire colony, Termidor® SC is the nation’s most trusted ant control solution. When PMPs combine it with the innovative residue-transfer action of Alpine® WSG inside the home, they gain Absolute Ant Control throughout.

Use these materials and selling tools to ensure your PMPs and their customers benefit from the most innovative ant solutions from BASF.

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Absolute Ant Control:
Inside and Out

Absolute Ant Thumb
Absolute Ant Control:
Blasingame Pest Management Testimonial

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Absolute Ant Control Solution Guide
Eliminating Ant Populations with Transfer Effect Brochure
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